Case Study: Stories from the DreamCenter

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  • Created for: Maximized Living Foundation
  • Project from: 2015
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    Wow. The best work you've ever done. The video was awesome!

Project Details

We were asked to travel to the DreamCenter in Los Angeles, CA to document a small team working tirelessly to make LA a better place. They work with victims of drug abuse, human trafficking, and more to get them back on track and living a better life.

The end goal was to create a short promotional video to share (alongside a bunch of full-length testimonial videos) to showcase how the Maximized Living Foundation was making an impact in the lives of the people at the DreamCenter. The project involved flying out to LA with limited equipment, and capturing high-quality footage to bring home to the edit bay. We worked with the team out there for two days, and then went into post-production to stabilize and color grade a lot of the shots to give the video it's cinematic feel.

In the end the client was very happy, and the video was scheduled to play at two events (in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC) to help showcase the Foundation's work and promote similar activities to hundreds of potential candidates for the program.

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Stories from the DreamCenterStories from the DreamCenterStories from the DreamCenterStories from the DreamCenter
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