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    The set looks incredible. Great job!

Project Details

The Max Life Show is a web-based video blog hosted by Dr. Ben Lerner. It revolves around 5 Essentials of a healthy lifestyle, and helps to teach people around the world how to live life to Max. Dr. Ben Lerner is the co-founder of Maximized Living, and so this project was developed as an opportunity to increase patient reach and conversions for the hundreds of doctor's offices around the world that called themselves Maximized Living Health Centers.

We were brought in early in the process to not only design the motion branding for the show - but to work out a shooting schedule, technology for easy capture both in studio and on-location at conferences, and yes, even a small studio set. As you can see from the pictures to the left, we transformed a small 1-person office into a blog studio with props, furniture, and lighting - all to help brand the show. In all, we spent around $500-$600 on set construction (mostly from IKEA).

Beyond building the set and defining the brand through motion graphics - we also film and edit all of the episodes. Some episodes are simply Dr. Lerner talking to the audience directly, but others including multicamera edits with 3 cameras and 2-3 people interviews. As of posting this we've edited 24+ episodes, which is over 6 hours of podcast content (with over 280GB of raw footage).

So far the show is going well with a growing list of subscribers in both video and audio podcast formats.

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The Max Life ShowThe Max Life ShowThe Max Life ShowThe Max Life Show
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